High-temperature-resistant double-sided silicon-free isolating membrane



The utility model discloses a high-temperature-resistant double-sided silicon-free isolating membrane which takes a BOPP film as a base material, and is characterized in that a transparent polyester film is connected to one side of the BOPP film through an adhesive; and the other side of the BOPP film is connected with a flame retardant acrylic polymer coating. The high-temperature-resistant double-sided silicon-free isolating membrane disclosed by the utility model has the characteristics of flat and smooth surface, resistance to fold, tear, particles, bubbles, pinholes and foreign impurities, excellent physical and mechanical properties, high surface evenness, high high-temperature resistance, dimensional stability in press fit, double-sided release property and the like. The membrane is excellent in flame retardant property and filling property and is a high-end preferred material for PCB precise circuit press-fit isolation.




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