Drive axle of rubber tired gantry crane



The utility model discloses a drive axle of a rubber tired gantry crane. The drive axle comprises a drive shaft and a chain wheel flange connected to the middle of the drive shaft in the length direction, wherein a chain wheel is connected with a drive mechanism of the crane through the chain wheel flange connected onto the drive shaft and a chain mounted on the chain wheel so as to drive the whole machine to operate; bearings and bearing blocks are symmetrically connected to two sides of the chain wheel on the drive shaft, and the bearing blocks are connected with a drive frame of the crane so as to support the whole machine; rim flanges are symmetrically connected to two ends of the drive shaft and connected with rims of wheels so as to transfer power of the drive mechanism to the wheels to achieve operation of the whole machine. A complex structure comprising an axle housing in the prior art is omitted, so that corresponding defects caused by the axle housing structure are overcome, and the drive axle of the rubber tired gantry crane has the advantages that the structure is simple and compact, the performance is reliable, the weight is light, the manufacture and maintenance are convenient and the manufacture cost is reduced.




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