Housing bearing for motor rotor



The utility model discloses a housing bearing for a motor rotor. The housing bearing comprises a housing bearing body, wherein the section of the housing bearing body adopts a cuboid structure, the width of the surface, which is matched with a motor shaft, of the housing bearing body is smaller than that of an inner hole of the housing bearing body, an oil film layer is arranged on the surface of the inner hole of the housing bearing body and consists of silicon nitride or titanium nitride, and the thickness of the oil film layer is in a range of 4-5 micrometers; the outer surface of the housing bearing body is coated with a chrome-plated layer. According to the housing bearing, the length of the matched surface of the housing bearing and the shaft is reduced, so that problems that the motor shaft does not rotate smoothly and is even jammed and the like due to deflection of the motor shaft are solved, rotation of the motor shaft is facilitated, precision requirements for other parts are also reduced, and production and machining costs are reduced.




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