Novel compensator for air port air supply device



A novel compensator for an air port air supply device comprises a hot air pipe, a corrugated pipe and a lining thermal insulation layer. The hot air pipe is connected with the corrugated pipe. A guide cylinder is arranged in the hot air pipe. A refractory material layer, a middle thermal insulation layer and an outer thermal insulation layer are arranged between an inner ventilation channel of the hot air pipe and the corrugated pipe in sequence, and a spherical surface is arranged at the lower portion of the guide cylinder. The lining thermal insulation layer and the spherical surface at the lower portion of the guide cylinder are attached and fixed. A refractory material strengthening liner plate is arranged between the middle thermal insulation layer and the outer thermal insulation layer and fixed to the side wall of the guide cylinder through the middle thermal insulation layer. The spherical surface serves as a contact face between the guide cylinder and the lining thermal insulation layer, the sphere center of the spherical surface is accurately positioned at the theoretical hinged point of a cardan joint, and it is ensured that refractory materials inside the compensator cannot interfere with one another when air port equipment deformation is offset through the compensator; the number of the thermal insulation layers between the hot air pipe and the sealing face of the corrugated pipe is increased to three, and the thermal insulation performance of the compensator is improved.




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