Public parking space managing device



The utility model relates to a public parking space managing device which comprises detection boxes (10) and locating rods (20). The detection boxes (10) are fixed to the two sides of an inlet of a parking space, the two sides of each detection box (10) are provided with a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving holes a (101), the locating rods (20) are fixed at two sides of the tail part of the parking space, each locating rod (20) is sleeved by a straight cylinder (201), two sides of each straight cylinder (201) are provided with a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving holes b (202), each locating rod (20) is provided with an infrared transmitting hole (203), and the infrared transmitting holes (203) are aligned with infrared receiving holes (102) in the upper surfaces of the detection boxes (10). The public parking space managing device is simple in structure, convenient to use, and capable of prompting people not go back too much and not cross edge lines in the parking process and facilitating parking.




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