Water-cooled reactor



The utility model discloses a water-cooled reactor. The water-cooled reactor comprises reactor units, a cooling water pipeline, a water injector, a water returning device, water cooling plates and resistors, wherein each reactor unit comprises an iron core, a coil wound on the iron core and copper bars; the copper bars are externally connected to the two ends of the coils; the cooling water pipeline is led out from the water injector, passes through the coils, and then is connected to the water returning device; the water cooling plates are fixed on the outer walls of the reactor units; the resistors are fixed in a way of attachment to the surfaces of the water cooling plates; the water cooling plates are connected with the water injector and the water turning device through water pipes respectively. According to the water-cooled reactor, the heating coils are cooled in a way of surrounding the reactor units by the cooling water pipeline; in addition, the water cooling plates are additionally arranged on the reactor units, so that electrons on the water cooling plates can be cyclically water-cooled when the reactor units are cooled, a good cooling effect is achieved, and the reactor is prevented from being damaged by excessive heating.




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