GGD cabinet of C section bar



The utility model relates to a GGD cabinet, especially to a GGD cabinet of a C section bar. The GGD cabinet comprises a cabinet body, a cabinet door arranged on the cabinet body and a circuit breaker arranged in the cabinet body, wherein multiple installation plates are vertically and fixedly arranged from top to bottom in parallel in the cabinet body and at positions close to the cabinet door, the two sides of each installation plate are fixedly arranged on the two inner side walls of the cabinet body respectively, the cabinet door is composed of an outer door plate and an inner door plate, the inner door plate is positioned between the outer door plate and the installation plates, the circuit breaker is vertically mounted on the installation plates, and an operating mechanism of the circuit breaker extends out of the inner door plate. The GGD cabinet has the advantages that the available space in the cabinet is increased and the safety and reliability are enhanced.




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