Circuit of forming alternating current electronic switch using unipolar electronic switch



A circuit of forming an alternating current electronic switch using a unipolar electronic switch comprises a rectification circuit, a power supply circuit, a trigger circuit, a unipolar electronic switch circuit, an alternating current power supply and an alternating current signal. The rectification circuit converts the alternating current signal into a direct current signal and is connected with the unipolar electronic switch circuit. The alternating current power supply is connected with the power supply circuit. An output of the power supply circuit supplies power to the unipolar electronic switch circuit. The unipolar electronic switch circuit is controlled by the trigger circuit for performing on-off actions. Rapid short-circuit alternating current signals are achieved by forming the alternating current electronic switch with the unipolar electronic switch. The circuit provided by the utility model is advantaged by being small in size, light in weight, reliable in action, safe to operate and simple.




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