Emergency lighting device equipped with security and protection shooting function



The utility model relates to an emergency lighting device equipped with a security and protection shooting function. The emergency lighting device comprises a MCU microprocessor, a commercial power input unit, a charging circuit, a backup cell, a voltage stabilization power supply unit, a commercial power outage detection unit, a luminosity detection unit, an emergency illuminating lamp, a CCD pick-up head, a DSP signal processor, a SD memory, a human body inductor, an alarm warning tone apparatus and an alarm lamp. When the commercial power is powered off or an image motion is present, the device immediately starts a video function; if the image is stationary and commercial power supply is normal, the system automatically detects, then the system enters a standby state and the system basically does not consume electricity or the electricity consumption is minimum when no video is present. Even if in the night, the system can determine the ambient brightness, automatically lighten the emergency illumination and start the shooting function for video. During the shooting process, sound and light alarm prompt is also provided. The emergency lighting device also can be used for daily illumination in the individual usage. Structure is simple, function is powerful, range of application is wide, and practicality is strong.




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