Multi-gear injection mold



The utility model provides a multi-gear injection mold. The multi-gear injection mold comprises a movable mold and a fixed mold, a plurality of cavities are formed in the fixed mold, the bottom surface of the cavity is provided with three pouring gates for glue injection, three pouring gates of the cavity are communicated to a glue injection main pipeline through flow-dividing pipes with the same length and pipe diameter and then connected to a glue injection system; a fountain type cooling water pipeline communicated to the external of the mold is arranged around the cavity; and mold cores corresponding to the cavities are arranged in the movable mold, and an annular cooling water pipeline communicated to the external of the mold is arranged around each mold core. The application and implementation of the multi-gear injection mold have the following beneficial effects that the pressure in a product mold cavity composed of the cavities and the mold cores is uniform by adopting three-point glue injection, the annular cooling water pipeline matched with the periphery shape of the gear is combined when glue is injected, so that the coaxial precision decrease of the multi-gear product is avoided, the production efficiency is improved; and a runner can be well cooled while the cavities are cooled by adopting the fountain type water cooling pipeline.




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