Integrated external sunshade window



The utility model discloses an integrated external sunshade window which comprises outer borders, a window opening border, a top leaf frame, a cover plate and a roller shutter. The top leaf frame and the window opening border are arranged in the outer borders vertically and respectively. The top leaf frame is provided with a roller shutter cavity. The roller shutter is installed in the roller shutter cavity. The cover plate is installed on the indoor side of the roller shutter cavity. After the integrated external sunshade window is installed, the roller shutter and the window can be installed in one step, and a complex and dangerous external sunshade installation project is omitted. After the integrated external sunshade window is installed, in the using process, when the roller shutter needs to be maintained or adjusted, all the parts of the roller shutter can be disassembled, assembled and replaced indoors in the whole process, outdoor overhead operation is avoided, the problems that operation is complex, the risk is high and the cost is high are solved, and the effects that installation and maintenance are safe and convenient are achieved.




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