High voltage five-line eight-way light water



A high voltage five-line eight-way light water belongs to the lighting technical field, and comprises a controller formed by a power supply circuit, a single chip microcomputer and a driving circuit; the controller is matched and connected with a lighting unit; the single chip microcomputer is IC1; the lighting unit is formed by 10-100 LED lamps connected in series; the high voltage five-line eight-way light water needs not to change making technology, mass production can be easily realized, electric wire usage is reduced, thus greatly reducing production cost, and performance is stable; the color lamps from a first way to an eighth way flash and quench in sequence so as to realize light water effect in sequence one by one; the light water is wide in application scope, and is an ideal decoration light source for home and various public entertainment places like a hotel, a bar, a KTV, a multifunctional conference room, a garden, and a square.




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