Parallel type milker



The utility model particularly relates to improvement in the structure of cow milkers and provides a parallel type milker which is large in capacity and high in automation degree. The parallel type milker comprises fences, milking devices, a milk delivery pipe, a control panel, a workshop, an air shower, a vacuum pump and a milk storage tank. The milking devices are connected with the milk storage tank through the milk delivery pipe. The milk delivery pipe is provided with the vacuum pump. The control panel is installed on the wall of the workshop. The fences are installed on the periphery of the workshop. The workshop can accommodate a great number of cows at the same time, milking staff can be sterilized and de-dusted before entering the workshop, and therefore the cleanness of the workshop is guaranteed. Meanwhile, the control panel will automatically stop milking and sound an alarm according to the flow change in the milking process, so that the high degree of automation in the milking process is achieved.




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