Lifting dining table



The utility model discloses a lifting dining table, and belongs to the technical field of furniture. The lifting dining table comprises telescopic table legs, a table surface and an electric lifting module, wherein the electric lifting module comprises an electric lifting rod, a signal receiver and a plug, the telescopic table legs and the table surface are both made of solid wood, the number of the telescopic table legs is four, the telescopic table legs are symmetrically arranged under the table surface and are connected with the table surface through hinges, two ends of the electric lifting rod are respectively and fixedly connected with a roof and the table surface, and the electric lifting rod is equipped with a remote controller which is matched with the electric lifting rod and is used for controlling the lifting of the lifting dining table; the upper surface of the table surface is provided with a glass rotating disc, the inner part of the table surface is provided with a music player, the bottom part of the table surface is provided with colorful lamps and patterns, and the table surface is circular or square. According to the lifting dining table provided by the utility model, the place cannot be occupied when the lifting dining table is not used, the usable area of a room is greatly increased, the lifting dining table can be quickly and efficiently put into use when the lifting dining table needs to be used, and the purpose of fully utilizing the room space is really achieved.




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