Quincunx circular tube pressing device



A quincunx circular tube pressing device is resistant to abrasion and durable, obviously improves pipeline pressure test and leakage test detection quality and work efficiency, is safe and convenient to use, quick, accurate and efficient to operate, reduces labor intensity of workers, greatly saves time, reduces production cost, is good in economic benefit, reduces repair and maintenance cost, saves energy and protects environment, and the service life is doubled. The device is composed of a directional sliding pressing block, a supporting horn-shaped opening, first arc-shaped clamping grooves, pressing block assembly half holes, pressing block joint faces, a directional supporting pressing block and second arc-shaped clamping grooves. The directional supporting pressing block is arranged under the directional sliding pressing block, the top of the directional supporting pressing block and the bottom of the directional sliding pressing block are respectively and correspondingly provided with one pressing block joint face, the middle of each pressing block joint face is transversely provided with at least one first arc-shaped clamping groove, the middle of each first arc-shaped clamping groove is provided with one second arc-shaped clamping groove in a crossed mode, and corners of the upper portion of the directional sliding pressing block and corners of the lower portion of the directional supporting pressing block are respectively provided with at least one pair of pressing block assembly half holes.




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