Recording device and recording method

Dispositif et procede d'enregistrement

Aufzeichnungs­einrichtung und aufzeichnungs­verfahren


There is provided a recording device capable of collecting information which makes it possible to investigate an accident. A recording section (11), such as a FeRAM, records vehicle information indicative of current conditions of the vehicle at predetermined recording intervals. An accident level-determining section (12) determines whether or not an accident has occurred, based on a magnitude of an impact on the vehicle detected by an impact-detecting section (20). When it is determined that an accident has occurred, a recording control section (13) causes the recording section (11) to record the vehicle information at the recording intervals (e.g. 0.1 seconds) shorter than those (e.g. 1 second) before the accident. This makes it possible to use pre-accident information and post-accident information to thereby investigate an accident in more detail.




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