Anchor chain guide mechanism for ladle conveyance

Mécanisme de guidage de chaîne d'ancrage pour transport de cuillère

Ankerkettenführungsmechanismus für kellenförderung


There is provided a guide mechanism of an anchor chain for conveying ladles, which can prevent an anchor chain from being twisted or sagged and can transmit motive power to the anchor chain reliably and efficiently. A linear anchor chain guide 30 is provided in a motive power transmission region where the motive power is transmitted from a conveyer chain 21 to the anchor chain 10, and the anchor chain 10 is introduced and guided to the anchor chain guide 30. The guide side parts 32 in the left and right guide half members 31, 31 constituting the anchor chain guide 30 can limit a leftward or rightward movement of the anchor chain 10. The guide upper parts 33 can limit an upward movement of the anchor chain 10. A downward stopper 13 placed at the upper end of each vertical unit ring 11 of the anchor chain 10 cannot pass downwardly through the clearance 34 set between the guide upper parts 33, 33 of the left and right guide half members31, 31, so a downward movement of the anchor chain 10 can be limited. In the motive power transmission region, a conveyer chain guide 40 is also provided for preventing the conveyer chain 21 from floating and the like.




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