Bearing device for wheel with rotation speed detector



【課題】組立作業性を改善すると共に、検出部に異物が侵入するのを防止し、信頼性を向上させた回転速度検出装置付き車輪用軸受装置を提供する。 【解決手段】内輪回転タイプの回転速度検出装置付き車輪用軸受装置において、センサホルダ10が、耐食性を有する鋼板製のカバー11と、回転速度センサ14が包埋され、この出力が取り出されるハーネス21が結線された合成樹脂製の保持部12とを備え、カバー11が、外方部材5の端部に外嵌される円筒状の嵌合部11aと、これから径方向内方に延びる鍔部11bと、さらに径方向内方に延びる底部11cとからなり、この底部11cの径方向下部にドレーン24が形成されると共に、保持部12が底部11cの径方向外方の一箇所に、路面垂直方向に対して30〜90°の範囲に傾斜して配設され、ハーネス21がこの保持部12からカバー11の接線方向に延びて結線されている。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a bearing device for a wheel with a rotation speed detector which is improved in reliability, by not only improving the workability for assembly, but also inhibiting foreign matters from infiltrating the detector. SOLUTION: In the bearing device for the wheel with the rotation speed detector of internal wheel rotation type, the sensor holder 10 is provided with a corrosion-proof steel made cover 11 and a holder part 12 made of synthetic resin in which the rotation speed sensor 14 is embedded and a harness 21 for taking out the output of the same is connected. The cover 11 is formed with a cylindrical fitting part 11a externally fit to the end part of an external member 5, a flange part 11b extending in the internal direction, and a bottom part 11c extending internally; a drain 24 is formed under the radial direction of a bottom 11c, and a holding part 12 provided at an inclination range of 30° to 90° with respect to the vertical direction at one location in the outward direction of the radial direction of the bottom 11c is arranged; and the harness 21 is connected, while being extended tangentially from holding part 12 to the cover 11. COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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